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Planet10-hifi FF85wKeN

We have fallen in love with the FF85KeN. The new FF85wKeN is even better

Although capable of easily surpassing drivers of similar size in the bottom, it will be bass limited in extension & in amplitude capabilities*, so outside of applications where these limits are less of a concern (ie nearfield monitors), it should be considered as a very good mid-tweeter. Response down below 100 Hz is possible with limited SPL for near-field use, and the top end is good to beyond 20 KHz (Fostex specifies 32kHz). When we 1st heard this we realized we had a device that would hold its own against some very expensive tweeters. Used with a good midbass or 2 with a crossover of 250-1000 Hz, a full range 2-way can be had. Our 1st effort with the FF85KeN & a planet10-hifi modified version of the CSS SDX7, called Tysen, has to be considered a home-run. It does require bi-amping. 2-ways that can be passively XOed are under development, including an MTM.



The FF85k seems to be a bit of an orphan in the Fostex line, althou designated as part of the FF series, it comes with the more advanced UDR tangential surround from the Sigma series and the aluminum dustcap is attached to the end of the voice coil turning it into a true tweeter.

Natural gray cone with lighter grey EnABL is standard for FF85wKeN -- other colors are available by special order.

Price for FF85wKeN is $160 USD/matched pair. $15 surcharge for custom non-standard colours.