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Planet10-hifi Mark Audio-based drivers

Working with Mark Audio we are suppliying select Mark Audio built drivers on a stocking basis, and any of the others on special order.

Mark Fenlon, the driving force behind Mark Audio, is bringing some of the most innovative driver engineering available to the DIYer, Unique multi-formed cones, stiff, non-resonant plastic baskets, innovative suspensions (from some of the best talent that worked at Fostex), and attention to detail & quality control usually unheard of in driver manufacture. A greater feel for the technology & products can be found on the
Mark Audio forum at diyAudio.

There are many proven enclosures designs for these drivers, included with any driver purchase are the planet10-hifi paid planset for the driver purchased. Many of these are in the
Mark Audio section of the P10-hifi Box Library, discussed on the Mark Audio forum, the diyAudio Full Range forum, on the Mark Audio site, and on the Creative Sound site, and at Woden Design.

Metal Cone Full Ranges   Paper Cone Full Ranges

Alpair 7.3eN nominal 4", silver or copper cones      
Alpair 10.3eN nominal 5 1/4", silver or copper cones, special order   Alpair 10PeN nominal 5 1/4",blue cones, some custom colours possible, special order
Alpair 6.2 MeN nominal 3", copper cones   Alpair 6.2PeN nominal 3", blue cones, some custom colours possible
      Alpair 12.2PeN nominal 6 1/2", paper cone, special order

Specialty Drivers  

pictures of treated drivers are viewable in the Kermit thread on our forum at diyAudio.com

drivers ship as matched pairs, singles for centre channels and special projects sometimes available

pricing and stock, inquires

EL166*/#6 Midbass paper cone mid-bass  
Alpair 12.2PWeN nominal 6 1/2", paper cone, midbass driver, special order