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Home of the Frugal-philetm -- the planet_10 hifi brings unique & value oriented products to the DIY community.


09_nov_14 Mar Audio based Alpair7PeN & A12pWeN are in progress

07_aug_13 Mar Audio based Alpair 10.3eN and Alpair 10PeN are now playing.

07_aug_13 demand for Frugel-Horn Mk3 flat-paks still exceeds supply, get in the queue

The new Fostex FF85wKeN, FF1125wKeN drivers are shipping.\

08_june_11 Be sure to check out the pretty pictures. It's not easy being green.


Join us on our new Forum at diyAudio.com. Ask questions, get additional info, interact with other diyers.

Planet10-HiFi Forum

Speaker Drivers for DIY

  • Fostex-based Planet10 FE126eN2, FF85wKen, FF125wKeN
  • FE166/206eN^2 FF105/165/225wKen are available by special order
  • Mark Audio Alpair 7.3eN, and by special order A10.3eN, A10p, A12.2PeN, A6.2PeN/MeN
  • Creative Sound CSS drivers & subwoofers available by special order
  • Other drivers special ordered or i can work over drivers you already have in hand
As well, through our regular suppliers, we can special order a number of other drivers.

A large number of cabinet deigns have been created for these. We do bespoke enclosures -- built to your order.


Phase Plugs
We 5 sizes of bullet-shaped phase plugs for popular full-range speakers. Many loudspeakers are improved by removing the dustcap and replacing with phase plugs. Also of use to recover drivers from dustcap damage.

Flat-paks & Bespoke Speaker Enclosures

We have a number of standard flat-pak speaker kits. Frugel-Horn Mk3 are our most popular.

Bespoke builds of finished loudpeakers can also be ordered. These are usually restricted to our designs.

Fine art builds of solid wood are available on a limited basis. A solid western red cedar flat-pak of the µFonkenSET is a fallout from this work.

Vintage HiFi

This business got its start with recycling vintage drivers & other vintage hifi. We no longer do this on a regular basis, but we still have a lot of inventory. Much of this is now available for free for those who would like to get into the hobby & have no budget, andcan drop by the mountain.

An associate,
Barry Plewes, has a stock of of vintage electronics, speakers, sources, and other goodies. Our goal is to start a renaisance room as an outlet for these If you can't wait contact Barry.

please direct inquires by email